Housing Placement Assistance

IHN at Alpha House employs a full time Community Housing Liaison (CHL). The CHL works with property owners, landlords, and management companies in Washtenaw County to develop, maintain, and increase positive relationships with area proprietors who are interested to partner with IHN at Alpha House and rent to low and very low income families.

The CHL works with families to develop budget plans demonstrating how much rent they can reasonably afford including the cost of utilities. The CHL helps to identify available and affordable housing, assists with applications to Public Housing Programs, and provides additional support related to finding and securing housing. Once a location is identified, the CHL continues to assist the assigned  Housing Support Specialist to develop and maintain positive relationships between families and their respective landlords.

If you are interested to learn more about our Housing Placement Assistance, or if you have property in Washtanew County for rent that may be affordable for our low to very low income families, please contact Pam Chalklin at (734.249.5012) or email (pchalklin@alphahouse-ihn.org).

The CHL has essential relationships with more than 60 local landlords.
In 2014, 94% of all families left Alpha House with a positive housing outcome.

Click here to view the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Fair Housing Brochure